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Your resource for finding the latest and greatest OTC Prohormone supplements and more!

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Purpose of Prohormone

Our purpose here is to discuss the latest muscle building, testosterone boosting, muscle enhancing products available for purchase legally in the US.

As part of our discussions we will often talk about products and topics that might not be directly related to testosterone or growth hormone related products but will still fall into the realm of health, fitness, weight loss and especially muscle building. This includes talking about how to get the muscles you do have to show more prominently and other ways to continue on your fitness journey.

We are always on the lookout for new information, technology and products that can help others who may need some guidance on where and how to start as well as breaking trends that can sometimes revolutionize the muscle enhancing industry.

Some of what we will discuss on this site includes:

How to Choose a Muscle Building or Fitness Supplement-

Over the counter supplements are not regulated by the FDA so much of what we know is through personal use or through information all over the web. We are pretty lucky that we can access a ton of information in minutes about various products.

We try to take the “heavy lifting” off of you (pun intended) in order for you to be able to focus on what you need to do in order to get bigger and in better shape.

***IMPORTANT*** These OTC products often go out of circulation very quickly, therefore some of the items reviewed may no longer be available to the public from reputable sources. We suggest that if you find something you would like to try, then try it. If you like it, then buy enough to hold you over for a while. You never know when the product may be forced off the market. We also strongly recommend you purchase from highly reputable sources with clear return policies and a solid reputation. We will do our best to stay informed and present new information and effective products as we find them.

Product Types-

The range of products we will discuss will include various Prohormones, Test Boosters, Growth Hormone Releasers, Nutritional Supplements, Weight Loss and Cutting Aids and Off Cycle support products.

Hopefully the information presented on this site can help you with your decision when you decide to buy prohormones online or any other related products that you might be searching for.

Other Topics of Discussion-

While building huge muscles might be part of your goal, having these muscle show through fat loss is another topic of discussion. We will also write about workout programs, laws and regulations regarding the purchase of prohormones and maybe even throw in some humor from time to time!

What are Prohormones-

Prohormones (often refereed to as legal steroids) are over the counter products that convert to a hormone in the body when they are consumed. Because of the fine line that these products walk they are sometimes pulled off the market or have to be reformulated.

The most common prohormone products will convert to DHT or Testosterone which provides a boost in muscle gains as well as fat loss.

In order for them to be legal for OTC sale the products must not be precursors to methylated steroids and have natural products in them. They also cannot contain any actual hormone products in them.

To simplify things, just think of it this way, with steroids you are actually injecting or consuming the hormone, with prohormones you are taking a supplement that will convert into the desired hormone.

Another consideration when boosting your testosterone is post cycle therapy, otherwise known as PCT. Testosterone itself is a prohormone to estrogen which is why you have to be aware of what you are taking and how likely it is to increase your estrogen production. If you are a man then you can possibly gain a condition known as gynecomastia, also known as “bitch tits” in bodybuilding circles, which is an enlargement of the breasts. There are other things to be aware of when taking testosterone boosters like liver support and testosterone therapy since some products will lower your natural testosterone production temporarily after going off your cycle.

This industry is constantly changing and evolving with new products coming in and some products being pulled due to laws in effect, come back frequently to keep up with recent news regarding muscle enhancing products!

About Prohormones

The writers on prohormones direct are “regular Joe’s” like the rest of us. We are always looking for new information about getting fit, putting on muscle and losing fat.

We have worked  in the nutritional supplement/ weight loss industry since 2012 working with companies that target both OTC products as well as prescription products.

We are also former and current recreational athletes and coaches in sports such as wrestling, mixed martial arts, football and others. Some of us still train in sports related activities while others are now just weekend warriors who are fighting father time and working at staying fit.

Last but not least we are bloggers that are constantly on the lookout for new products and recommendations regarding products. If you have a suggestion or great success with a product, feel free to tell us your story by emailing


FDA DISCLAIMER- The information on this site is for entertainment purposes. The statements on the site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.