Are there ways to Increase Testosterone and/or Growth Hormone?

Both testosterone and growth hormone are naturally produced in the human body in both men and women and naturally women produce far less testosterone than men do. As we age our testosterone More »

Synthetic Testosterone: What is it?

Synthetic testosterone can easily be defined as testosterone that is made by man in a scientific laboratory. Testosterone can also easily be defined as a hormone that males naturally produce. As males More »

10 Popular Blackstone Labs Products

Blackstone Labs is hands down one of the biggest leaders in the supplement industry that is geared to body builders. They have an extensive line of products, too many to list in More »

What are Prohormone Supplements?

What are Prohormone supplements? Bulking up is never truly an easy thing to do, mainly due to the fact that going to the gym on a daily basis requires some dedication. Together More »

How to not look like a tool at the gym

There is no quick way to become a gym expert, as knowing everything about it does require some experience which is accumulated over a couple of weeks or even months. However, there More »


Are there ways to Increase Testosterone and/or Growth Hormone?

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Both testosterone and growth hormone are naturally produced in the human body in both men and women and naturally women produce far less testosterone than men do.

As we age our testosterone levels begin to drop significantly which is why TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) is becoming increasingly popular.

Growth hormone is known to influence the release of certain growth factors in the body, such as IGF-1, which is critical in cell reproduction, healing and growth. This hormone also tends to decrease as we age.

Both of these hormones have a profound effect on lean muscle mass and body fat levels which is why these products are in such high demand but if we naturally lose our efficiency at producing these hormones is there anything that can be done to correct the issue?

Synthetic Testosterone: What is it?

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Synthetic testosterone can easily be defined as testosterone that is made by man in a scientific laboratory. Testosterone can also easily be defined as a hormone that males naturally produce. As males begin to age, the amount of testosterone that they produce begins to decrease dramatically. Low testosterone levels are the cause of many male specific health issues like impotency. Synthetic testosterone is testosterone that is not developed naturally in the body. In fact, it is manufactured. Synthetic testosterone is anabolic steroid that has a wide number of uses.

Why Synthetic Testosterone is being used

There have been a lot of consumers singing the praises of synthetic testosterone for helping them with male pattern baldness, impotency, and even increases muscle mass. Testosterone replacement therapy can entail the use of synthetic testosterone. There are several different types of testosterone replacement therapy, but the use of synthetic testosterone is growing in shocking numbers. The popularity of this fake hormone can provide men with a lot of benefits. There are numerous medical conditions that call for the use of this drug.

RPN Havoc: Why is it So Popular?

(Update 2014 RPN Havoc has not been made in some time, be wary when buying online. If you want to see other available muscle enhancing prohormones visit our prohormone review page)


Sun’s Out, Guns Out!

Amp Up Your Workouts and Improve Results
There’s nothing better than looking and feeling your best. You dedicate much of your life to making sure your body looks a certain way, and you do what it takes to get there. If you’re a serious fitness enthusiast, you realize how important not just your workouts are, but the importance of your diet and vitamin supplements as well. You work your body hard, so you want to make sure what goes into it is the best that it can possibly be for the most beneficial results. Prohomone supplements are an excellent alternative to traditional Prohormone supplements used for gaining strength and building lean muscle mass without experiencing harmful side effects commonly associated with other supplements.

Lean and Mean Without the Side Effects of Other Prohormonal Supplements

If you’re looking to get lean and mean and want to enhance your workouts with a hormonal supplement that will give you the results and physique you desire without the side effects of achiness and fatigue that other supplements have given you in the past, then it’s time to add RPN Havoc Prohormone supplement to your daily routine and diet.

Revolution PCT Review

revolution PCT

In today’s world of body building, both professional and personal, there is increasing talk of post cycle therapy. Some people who may be starting out and unfamiliar with what post cycle therapy of PCT is, it is because it is typically used for more advanced builders who have gone beyond the initial phase of bulking that is seen when you first start to train. A cycle is a systematic work out of the muscle groups, typically you will start on one group, such as upper body and work it until it adjusts and then switch to the next group until you have hit them all and the muscles are all at there max performance. PCT helps preserve the muscle mass you worked to build by lowering the hormones that are the natural response of the body to the trauma of building new muscle. Namely, it helps lower estrogen and increase testosterone, which both genders produce in different levels. The sex hormones affect a lot more in the body than just determining gender traits.

All About Cycle Support By Iron Labs

cycle support iron labs

When you have put in the effort to train, to strengthen, to take your body to the next level, it’s important to make certain you are getting all the nutritional support you can. Being the best means you not only train the hardest, but you know what your body needs and what will provide it. Those needs are in good hands when you’re using Cycle Support from Iron Labs.

Iron Labs Nutrition was created in 2009 to supply athletes with high quality supplements. The company has a well-deserved reputation for delivering products that are well-dosed, affordably priced and that actually work as they are meant to. Today those products are part of the Euro Nutrition group but their quality and dependability remain the same. Iron Labs is a brand you can trust for the nutrition you need.

Cycle Support carefully blends the ingredients you need to nourish your body when it is under stress. Extensive research and a variety of independent studies into how each of these ingredients impacts the nutritional needs of your active body have helped Iron Labs determine just the right combination for maximum effectiveness. The company also includes real world feedback from users in their studies so they can gauge how their products perform for a real customer. Iron Labs ensures that its researchers keep up with the latest trends and advances in their field as well. This attention to detail has made the company a leader the nutritional supplements industry. A look at their products reflects this leadership. The highest quality ingredients are used for Iron Labs products.

10 Popular Blackstone Labs Products

blackstone labs

Blackstone Labs is hands down one of the biggest leaders in the supplement industry that is geared to body builders. They have an extensive line of products, too many to list in a single article, so here are the top 10 most popular Blackstone Labs products in no particular order.

1. Super Trenabol: A higher dosage of the regular Trenabol used to increase muscle mass.

All about PES Erase

PES Erase

PES Erase is advertised as a unique all in one style of supplement that is capable of reducing estrogen levels within the body, lowering cortisol, and significantly boosting testosterone. Although this might sound particularly impressive, you might be wondering what exactly these features mean for you. For example, PES Erase has been created to help you gain greater muscle mass and strength, while simultaneously helping you to make your body leaner, too. Although it is regularly used as a singular supplement, by itself, it is possible to use PES Erase in a stackable format with another prohormone or after a cycle. Similarly, Erase can be used by people in the midst of an effective diet to help prevent the individual in question from losing necessary muscle mass.

How PES Erase Works

USP Labs Prime Review

usp Prime prohormone

These days, there are so many different supplements and steroids available on the market to help individuals build their muscles more effectively, that it can be easy to drain your financial resources quickly on items that don’t work. Some of the supplements out there leave you wishing that you had saved your money to spend more on a serious diet and exercise plan. Over the years, many consumers have spent thousands of dollars on different supplements all claiming that they can do the same thing, just searching for something that truly works. USP Labs Prime might be the supplement that fitness fanatics have been looking for. One of the original supplements that USP Labs offer in their line-up, Prime is often considered by many to be an ‘all-around’ product when it comes to supplement effects. It offers users a combination of the effects that other supplements do, although it is important to note that Prime should not be used as a method of promoting fat loss.

What is USP Labs Prime?

Best Prohormones of 2014

alpha 1 max

Many avid bodybuilders often spend a lot of time searching for the best way to improve their workout, or take an exercise routine one step further. They want to gain muscle mass and strength as quickly and effectively as possible, but even if they’re working as hard as they can at the gym, they may find that they need a little extra help to achieve their goals. With Pro-hormones, individuals can create their own ideal anabolic environment, perfect for growing and developing muscles. Bodybuilders and athletes alike are capable of optimizing their gains through training sessions by adding pro-hormones to their routine, but what are the best pro-hormones that have been available in 2014?

Before we get started, it is important to recognize that even the greatest pro-hormones on the market are not going to provide much in the way of assistance if you do not already have a good exercise and diet program set out to help you achieve your goals. Prohormones should only be used to help you achieve your ambitions, and should not be utilized as a replacement for a great exercise and diet program.

1. AR1MACARE PRO by Olympus Labs

Alpha-1 MAX vs Super DMZ

ironmaglabs super dmz prohormone

Alpha-1 MAX vs Super DMZ

People who dedicate themselves to achieving the perfect body often put a great deal of time and effort into getting the most out of their workout sessions. They hope to guarantee the best results every time they hit the gym or start an exercise routine, so that they can be at the top of their sport, achieve a better level of fitness, or simply chisel down imperfections that currently exist within their body. In order to achieve the ideal workout, it is important to make sure that you’re always at your best, taking in the right vitamins and nutrients, and to maximize the full potential of your body, it’s sometimes necessary to turn to steroids and food supplements for aid. Almost all body builders will make use of some kind of supplement or steroid, and the main purpose for using these products is to increase the effective and efficient buildup of muscle, while assisting the user in working out for harder, longer sessions. After all, the more exercise that you can do, the firmer, bulkier, and stronger your muscles are bound to be. So how to do you make a decision between two different pro-hormones? First of all, you need to compare Alpha-1 MAX and Super DMZ, only then can you decide which one is ideal for you.