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4 Best Muscle Enhancers

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Bodybuilders and athletes who are looking to boost their lean muscle mass often turn to muscle enhancers and supplements as a way to increase workout results. While there are many forms out there to enhance weight lifting results, here is a concentrated list of the best muscle enhancers on the market.


Protein is a vital supplement for workouts, especially involving weight lifting. Broken down protein within the body is used to repair torn muscles that are stretched during workouts. However, there are two types of essential protein supplements that can be taken for best muscle-enhancing results.

Whey Protein in the form of shakes is quickly absorbed throughout the body and serves as a fast aid in providing the muscles essential nutrients after a workout. Also, whey protein contains a high concentration of the amino acid leucine, which according to The American Society of Nutrition, leads to better muscle-enhancing results.

Casein protein is the slower protein alternative to whey. It’s also found in both dairy products and supplement form and acts as a good source for muscle repair after workouts. But because casein protein serves to provide the body with a steady supply of protein through normal eating habits, bodybuilders and athletes often choose to take both  whey and casein protein supplements for maximum results.



Creatine is a natural, organic acid that helps to supply energy to cells within the body, specifically to muscle cells. Essentially, creatine turns into creatine phosphate that then renews the body’s muscle energy stores. It’s found in meat like tuna, salmon, and beef, and can be taken in supplement form. Bodybuilders and athletes alike take creatine for bursts of energy that help them last longer in intense workouts.


Testosterone is a naturally produced steroid that acts as a hormone within the body. It serves to help regulate the metabolism, muscle trophism, and physical energy of the body. Testosterone can be taken as a supplement as a way to boost workout results, such as increased muscle growth and reduced body fat.

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Growth Hormone

Growth Hormone, abbreviated GH, is a hormone that stimulates the body’s growth, particularly cell reproduction. GH was originally used as a treatment for growth deficiencies in children, but now is used to treat adults as well. The Human GH, abbreviated HGH, that is made as a supplement aids in muscle repair and recovery by increasing the development of muscle. Also, the hormone improves sleep, which can sometimes be negatively affected by intense workouts. While the injectable form of HGH is under scrutiny, sublingual and nasal forms are legal based on the restricted concentration amount.