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OxyElite Pro Review

OXY-Elite Pro

Typically I do not review fat loss products but one thing that people who pack on muscle often do is subsequently pack on some fat as well. It is very common to seek an effective fat burning product so this month I chose to do an OxyELITE Pro Review.

OxyELITE Pro Review


For those that are skeptical about weight loss products that may or may not work, there might be a surprise product out there for you. While some products do not work at all and others work only based on tricking the mind into thinking it is working a product that appears to be ahead of the pack is OxyELITE Pro. You may be thinking that you have heard many claims before so what does OxyELITE Pro do that other products do not.  According to information available the ingredients in Oxyelite Pro looks to have a synergy that helps dissolve fat from your body. If you are the type of person who carries a few pounds more than you would like or even if you are quite overweight, this product may be worth a try. For those that have tried other solutions and failed this might be the option for you. It is important to note that not every product works for every person but if you have tried other weight loss programs, workouts and diets and still cannot lose weight this just might be the product to try!

 |OxyELITE Pro Does It Work and How

According to the data available I would have to say yes. You can find several OxyELITE Pro reviews all over the internet which are from numerous people that have experimented with OxyElite Pro and they say it works very well. Two common pieces of feedback include that it helps with the removal of stubborn fat that the dieter could not lose before and many people enjoyed weight loss without having to work out. This may be due to the fact that OxyELITE Pro contains an appetite suppressant which forces users to eat smaller portions daily. For those that want to lose weight even faster, taking part in a physical fitness routine 2 to 4 times per week can really accelerate results.

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 |OxyELITE Pro My Review


I think when it comes to a product like this, other peoples reviews are nice but I wanted to give me view on OxyELITE Pro so I see how it worked for me.


I purchased a 90 pill bottle of Oxy ELITE Pro to test it out and to shed a few pounds I have been gaining due to inactivity. I am a little older than some reading this but here is what I experienced with OxyELITE Pro. I managed to lose 3lb in the first week and over a 4 week period I lost 11lbs without really changing anything, including activity level.

The cost of a bottle of OxyELITE Pro is roughly  $35-$40 dollars but you can find it online for right at $30, which is the best price I can find from the most reputable supplier!


 |OxyELITE Pro More Reviews


4.0 out of 5 stars

seriousy people!! smh do it right and you’ll get the results!!! March 30, 2013

By B. johnson

Size Name:USP Labs Oxyelite Pro 90 Capsules

This is my honest to goodness, un bias!!, hand to the man review. I do nNOT work for gnc, oxy elite, amazon ect.ect. nor am i a (review writting) type of person but i had to give my two cents about this as it bothered me sooooo much. just to give you a little image before i start my “what the hell” rant my heaviest weight was 262lbs and yes i was eating EVERYTHING!! things even preg women wouldnt touch, food was my comfort in my depressed days and my friend in my lonely days (sounds pathetic to you snon relating close minded people but those who can relate will understand) I first started off getting scammed by different BS detox pills and drinks for about 5 months until i ran across this oxyelite (the original) i did the samething you impatient dummies did and crammed the first pill right into my pie hole and sat back waiting for it to melt my chucky funky fat away then came the dry mouth, then the headache, then the weak feeling followed by the racing heart sooo as a simple minded being i blamed the pill and cursed the day i took it instead of blaming myself, days later tried again after this skinny chic was bragging to a friend outside the grocery store about her weight loss on the pills, so i tried again, this time was so sick had to take the day off work couldnt get my stomach to stop hurting and heart to stop racing (took it on empty stomach after being woke 4 hours) ;-O sooo after getting scolded by my doc for punking out to pills instead of eating right and exercising I left them alone again for a good while BUTTTT after seeing a (chubby lazy ) co worker shrinkin within 2 months i asked and said she was taking oxy elite (aaahhh damn) so i asked was she getting sick she said no IF YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH and have a little common sense youll know NOT to pop a caffeine pill after not drinking caffeine or coffe and not expect a reaction so first mistake# my fault, secondly common sense would have told me no to wake up, wait 4 hours then pop ANY pill on an empty stomach and not expect a bad result!!! then third STAY HYDRATED DUHHH!!!! you cannot CANNOT take a pill with moderate to high dose of caffeine while drinking less then 8 cups of water and not expect a dumb reaction from a dumb person lol sorry but speaking truth, so after some research and some common sense and told myself to stop taking stupid short cuts I took the pill again but this time followed it up with 2 cups of water and waited…nothing, no sickness, no headache just energy, then i started increasing more water into my system, your body is going through a thermosis stage de hydrating you, when you get thirsty its yelling at you to give me water!! no juice, not milk! not soda idiot!! water!! when i finally increased my water intake to 7 cups a day 4th day on the pill 3 lbs lost easy no workout, 2nd week i worked up to 9 cups a day (peeing lake a race horse) still one pill a day 6 lbs lost no working out!! i was getting excited and NO my diet did not change so after third week of one pill and increased water intake with 14lbs lost it dawned on me hmmm if im loosing this much from jsut water and a pill hmmmm i wonder what eating fruit, salads, grilled chicken instead of burgers n chips would do?????????? so i did it, i exchanged my mcgridle, and French toast sticks with sweet tea breakfast for oatmeal, apple, toast and water. my afternoon snickers and grab bag chips for apple walnut salad with small slice cheese cake 9yea so what) and my fat dinner of bbq fried chicken with cheesey mashed potatoes and more sweet tea for water, steak, corn, and green beans from april 13th to msy 8th lost 37 lbs then had the brilliant idea that heeeyyy if i lost this much in this smalltime from small changes in diet, water intake and 1 pill hmm maybe i can double that by getting off my a$$ so i started by walking 18 more lbs , it was hard, then using dvds in my living room 28 more lbs then joined a gym and bough more dvd’s another 13lbs, another 23lbs and more and more until today i went form 242 to 148 lbs a year and 2 months later (and by the way this is coming from a person that use to make late night trips to food spots so much that i had to throw my keys somewhere in the home i didnt feel like getting up to go get just to stop the late night snacking. so it doooes work people and you all know who im talkin too the “whining, lying, exaggerating (yea i said it) lazy, boo hooing chunky funky bean bags that dont want to do any of the work nor except the tinest bit of responsibility that it may not be the pill it may b the fact that THEY may have done something wrong a.k.a stupid)

like uuhh ….. ;-O

#1 takin a high dose caffeine when your body is not use to it!

#2 takign a pill on an empty stomach after several hours of not eating !!

#3 takin a pill the increases energy but not doing anythign to expell the energy or feed the energy

#4 popping a pil the popping a greasy burger duuh!!

#5 starting off with two instead of one w/o getting your body familiar with it




NOW lol as I end my rant i would like to congratulate those who had the tedious, emotional goal of loosing weight in mind and actually followed thought with it, no excuses, no false blame, no giving up, this goes to those who pushed through the pain, the stressful workouts, painful changes and reached their goal!!!im proud of you!!!

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5.0 out of 5 stars I use to weigh 280lbs…, July 10, 2013


DerrickH –

Verified Purchase(

This review is from: USP Labs Oxyelite Pro Super Thermo Dietary Supplement 90 Ct (Health and Beauty)

I use to weigh 280lbs, and with a combination of Oxyelite Pro, a vegetarian diet, and a very active life style I am down to 160. I am a male in my mid 20’s and I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 8. I tried everything in the book to loose weight. A co-worker recommended me Oxyelite and I lost 20lbs the first month alone. Over the next five months I went from 280 to 220. Around 220 I decided to go vegetarian in order to keep my eating habits in check and a year and a half later I got down to 170 and have stayed that way for a year. I went on and off Oxyelite during my whole weight loss ordeal, usually on for two months and off for one. Now I am back on to loose the last 10 to 15 pounds.




I was really worried when I found out they reformulated this stuff. Usually that’s the kiss of death for a great health product. However, the new formulation is as good as the old stuff. If not better. I find my self much more energized than I was with the old formulation. The appetite suppressant works the same and thus far I have lost 8 lbs over the past month and a half (to 162). Not bad considering i’m working off the last 20 lbs. There are some negative side effects. The nausea the first few days are the same as the old stuff, however I am now having a hard time sleeping. I feel like a never ending ball of energy when I am on this stuff, It’s good and bad all at the same time.


Over all, this stuff helped me control my weight issues. If you can get past the first few days of the jitters taking this stuff, it will treat you very well. Can’t recommend it enough.


Follow the link to learn more about Swan® Extreme OXYELITE Pro

| OxyELITE Pro Summary

Is a potent thermogenic fat burning supplement that heats you up to burn more fat as energy which then targets stubborn hard to lose  subcutaneous fat while ignoring healthy visceral fat that protect your organs.

Is an appetite suppressant which helps you avoid feeling hungry and helps with you ability to eat smaller portions.

Is an energy Booster which boosts your energy and focus thanks to the scientifically balanced blend of ingredients.


 OxyELITE Pro is USP labs  #1 selling fat loss supplement which is made in the USA! It is based on scientific formulation designed to burn fat and helps retain hard earned lean muscle, there are numerous case studies which show the benefit of OxyelitePro.


| OxyELITE Pro Ingredients




Caffeine has been used for thousands of years as a stimulant for energy and weight loss. Caffeine acts in humans as a central nervous system stimulant, fighting fatigue, increasing your metabolism and reducing your appetite.



Geranium Plant


1,3-Dimethylamylamine from the geranium.  This extract has been used for many years as a food additive.  When used with caffeine it gives a greater sense of alertness and energy.



Nohara Thistle


Nohara Thistle (Cirsium Oligophyllum) lavender flowering plant native to Japan which has been shown to improve caffeine’s ability to burn subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is the fat right below the skin which covers up your abs and other muscles.


Orchid Tree Plant


Orchid Tree Plant (Bauhinia Purpurea) is a plant supplement from a flowering plant native to China. This extract has been shown to improve your metabolism, it also helps with the breakdown of glucose to be used as energy which helps prevent fat storage.

Water Hyssop Plant

Water Hyssop Plant (Bacopa Monnieri) is a plant native to India which speeds up the metabolism.


Snakeroot Plant


Snakeroot Plant (Rauwolfia Canescens) is a tropical plant native to South Africa. This particular extract of the Snakeroot plant naturally works on your alpha-2 receptors that happen to be responsible for the body clinging on to body fat in difficult to remove spots.



While each of these ingredients are extremely potent it is the scientific combination of all of them that helps to make OxyelitePro a very powerful fat burning product, if you are looking to try this product visit the following link for the best deal anywhere Swan® Extreme OXYELITE Pro